Fees and Evaluations

Fees and Evaluations:

Evaluations consist of a consult, testing session(s), and a result session. Dr. Jain also spends time scoring the data and writing a diagnostic report for each child. The length of the evaluation will be based on your child’s age and developmental capabilities. After the completion of the evaluation you will be given a Superbill which you can submit to your insurance for possible out-of-network reimbursement. Academic learning disorder testing for problems with reading, writing, or math is not paid by insurance companies as it is considered “not medically necessary”. Testing for ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, neuropsychological outcomes secondary to prematurity, epilepsy, pediatric malignancy, traumatic brain injury/concussion, and language disorder is typically also reimbursed to some extent by insurance. Payment is expected at the time of the initial consultation. Dr. Jain does not offer payment plans. She accepts credit cards, health savings account cards, and check/cash as payment.

Brief Diagnostic Evaluation for Autism (age 2-4/5 depending upon verbal ability) - $750-$1,000. This consists of a consult with you and your child, review of all previous evaluations, and completion of questionnaires which will yield a diagnostic report. This is appropriate for very young children in order to obtain an initial diagnosis to secure therapies and/or preschool placement. This is also appropriate for four and five-year-old children who do not have enough receptive and expressive language to complete the testing component of the neuropsychological evaluation.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Age 5/6 (preschool/kindergarten)– consult, two hours of testing over two sessions, and a results session - $1750

Age 6/7 (kindergarten/1st grade) – consult, three hours of testing over two sessions, and a results session - $2000

Age 8 and older (2nd grade and older) – consult, four hours of testing over two sessions, and a result session - $2500

Each additional hour of testing beyond what is included in the standard evaluation will be conducted at a rate of $250/hour.

Consultations for school placement, data reviews, and school records reviews will be conducted at a rate of $250/hour.